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User Account

  • The user account registration is required before joining any activities on ttb foundation’s website such as application for volunteers or activities held by ttb foundation. It is recommended to keep your password confidential and secured, and you shall be solely responsible for all activities connected or related to the registered account with ttb foundation. If you suspect of any unauthorized login to your account, please notify ttb foundation immediately through the details in “Contact Us”.
  • Your personal data provided through registration of user account with ttb foundation shall be used as your personal profile. All activities on ttb foundation’s website shall be linked to your registered account.

User Content

  • You agree to comply with all Terms and Conditions when posting any content on ttb foundation’s website.
  • Any post against the laws and international rules and regulations shall be strictly prohibited. It is your sole responsibility for any content or activities you posted or managed on ttb foundation’s website including the following result of such actions.
  • ttb foundation reserves the right to delete or remove your content from ttb foundation’s website in case where ttb foundation has been notified that your content breaches any rules or regulations or violates other’s rights, or ttb foundation discovers any infringement of your content to ttb foundation’s website Terms and Conditions.

Posting Content

  • Your content or posts on ttb foundation’s website may be available to the public. It is recommended not to post any content on the website if you have concerns that other members or unknown person might be able to access any part thereof. For further details, please see the Privacy Notice of ttb foundation which is deemed as an integral part of this Terms and Conditions.

ttb foundation’s rights

The website “www.ttbfoundation.org”, applications and services available at present and in the future, trademarks, Application Programming Interfaces (API1) including passwords and content created by ttb foundations staff belong to ttb foundation.

During visiting or using ttb foundation’s website and services, the following acts are strictly prohibited:

  • access, interfere or use the webpage or system on ttb foundation’s website and the computer system of ttb foundation or ttb foundation’s service provider;
  • cause any malfunction to the website, or search or test for weakness of any system of ttb foundation;
  • use any services of ttb foundation to send false or inaccurate information, interfere or block access of the user, host or network including spreading computer virus, overloading data input, causing data overflow, creating spam and sending bulk emails to ttb foundation’s website and services.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) is used to support interactions between multiple applications and platform services so that the users of ttb foundation’s website are able to share their content through applications and platform services, and anyone is able to find such contents, access to medias and share medias through the link.

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Consent for collection, use and disclosure
of personal data

With our intent and determination to provide the most satisfied service experience,
ttb foundation (the “Foundation”), a charitable organization no. 881 is mainly responsible
for operating fai-fah (a sustainable giving project). The Foundation would like to request
for your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal data provided to the Foundation or obtained in possession of the Foundation for the purpose of conducting activities and offering the improved level of accessibility to services such as volunteers application, information inquiry, the Foundation’s information publication including product purchase, product delivery and public relations information. In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations along with promoting and improving the services to the most satisfaction. Furthermore, the Foundation further requests for your explicit consent that the recipient of personal data, disclosed by the Foundation, shall be entitled to collect, use and disclose your personal data for the purpose specified above.

The Foundation understands and respects your free will whether to give consent or not.
In the event of refusal, there is a chance that you might miss the Foundation’s great deals
and benefits relevant to your interest. The Foundation acknowledges the importance of protection of your personal data, and it is our commitment to safeguard your personal data by keeping it confidential and secured, and leverage it only for your best interest, in accordance with legal standard under the Personal Data Protection Act.

The information regarding the scope of purposes, categories of recipients of personal data, the rights of the data owners, the rights of the Foundation to collect, use and disclose personal data, any updates of Privacy Notice and the contact details of the Foundation shall be published in the Privacy Notice through the Foundation’s website (http://ttbfoundation.org/th/term-condition/privacy-notice.php)
The Foundation deeply appreciates your support and it is our objective to continue
the idea of “giving back to society” by igniting the power of “giving” to create sustainability
for our youths, community and society.